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Our professional security guards provide a visible security presence to discourage theft and troublemaker. We can provide armed or unarmed security guards in uniform or plainclothes, depending on your needs. Guards are available for short- or long-term contracts, special events, and more.

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Special events require special care. Professional event security ensures your event is safe and secure from start to finish. Contact us to plan and manage security for the entire event, support your own internal security staff, or provide targeted security services. All solutions are customized to your specific needs.

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Vehicle patrols are a highly visible security presence that discourages bad behavior and allows security to cover large areas of the ground faster than foot patrols. Ideal for hotels and conference centers, apartment complexes, gated communities, construction sites, and more.

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Task Resistance Security Service with responding to alarms after hours. When the call comes in we will immediately dispatch a security team to the property to conduct a visual inspection, report back to you, and report to local law enforcement when necessary.

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Fire watch monitoring services are available for sites that are under construction or have a missing or non-functional fire alarm or sprinkler systems. Close, a visual observation by our trained fire watchers can catch fires early, minimizing damage, saving property, and protecting people.

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Professional Security Guard Services

Professionally trained security guards are one of the best investments you can make to protect your home, business, or event. Resistance Security Service offers armed and unarmed security guard services to discourage theft and vandalism, protect customers and employees, and generally support a safe environment.

Trained & Licensed

All of our security guards are professionally trained and licensed to provide you with the protection you need to live and work in safety. Our security guards undergo a rigorous background check, drug-testing, firearms training, and on-going security training to deliver the best security services in Southern California.

Both armed and unarmed security guards help deter crime and protect people and property by patrolling, guarding entrances and exits, observing activity, and maintaining order. A professional security presence provides peace of mind for employees and guests while discouraging criminal behavior.

Unarmed Security Guard

Our unarmed security guard service is perfect for crowd control and low-risk security situations. Guards are professionally uniformed, expertly trained in observation and de-escalation techniques, and blend seamlessly into site operations. Unarmed security is available for business security, but also for private events and residential needs, concerts and festivals, indoor and outdoor venues, and more.


Event Security Services

Public events always benefit from a strong security presence. Security guards help maintain order, provide crowd control, discourage disruptive behavior, and can act quickly to de-escalate situations and remove troublemakers.

Head off problems before they start with professional event security from Resistance Security Services. We can provide a complete security solution for the event or fill in the gaps in your existing security plan.

Professional event security will protect guests and attendees and help ensure the day goes off without a hitch. Resistance Security Service offers comprehensive event security planning and execution as well as add-on event security services like armed and unarmed security guards, mobile patrols and stationary security measures, uniformed or plainclothes security, check-in services and bag checks, and more.

  • Charity
  • Concerts, Fair & Festival
  • Conferences & Trade Shows
  • Graduation & School
  • Private & Public Event
  • Sports Event
  • Wedding


Mobile Patrol

Our mobile patrol service is a proactive security measure that provides peace of mind through increased security presence. Mobile patrol is an excellent solution for construction and building sites, gated communities, apartment complexes, busy business districts, shopping centers, events, and anywhere you want to deter mischief or prevent criminal activity.

High-Visibility Security
Mobile patrols are a high-impact, high-visibility solution to security concerns. Ideal for perimeter patrols, large sites, and multiple sites, our services include randomized routes in a fully-branded vehicle for maximum visibility and presence. A private communications network ensures mobile patrol units are in contact with dispatch and other members of the security detail at all times. Vehicle GPS-tracking and time-stamped reports provide insights that can be used to develop comprehensive security reporting and analysis.

Mobile patrols help discourage questionable activities before they start by keeping criminals on their toes, unable to determine when the next patrol will come around. Mobile security patrols can be used to complement stationary security guards and security checkpoints or can be used in place of stationary security measures, depending on location needs.

All of the security solutions at Resistance Security Services are customized to the customer’s needs. We’ll work with you to assess security lapses, identify areas of potential breaches, and develop a comprehensive security system that keeps your property, assets, and people safe. Mobile patrols can even handle some of your routine security tasks for you to increase the security presence such as checking parking lot lighting, monitoring offices, and on-site facilities, and responding to alarms or disturbances.

Short-Term Mobile Vehicle Patrol Solutions
Are you going on vacation or having work done on your property? Contact Resistance Security Service to arrange short-term mobile patrols. We’ll keep an eye on your home or business while you’re away or at night so you can rest easy.


Firewatch Services

Firewatch Monitors Identify

Fire watch services are a necessary service if fire alarms and sprinklers are out of service, during building construction or renovations, or in areas where fire systems are not required by law, such as at outdoor locations. Our team of fire watch security personnel meets California Fire Code training and education standards to provide professional fire watch services, including hazmat situations. The job of fire watch security is to Observe, Report, and Respond to early signs of fire or hazardous materials situations to safeguard lives and mitigate damage.

Observation includes thorough reporting and record-keeping so you can later examine any red flags, actions, or activities that may have contributed to the start of the fire. If a fire does start, our team is equipped with fire extinguishers, two-way radios, and cell phones to report the fire to the Fire Department and take immediate action to try and put out the fire before it spreads, if possible. If people are in danger, fire watch personnel will assist with evacuation procedures and remain on-site to help the Fire Department identify potential entry points and areas of highest concern.

24/7 Firewatch Services

Fires can start anywhere, anytime even when sites are protected by alarms and sprinklers. We offer fire watch services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as a standalone service or as part of your facility’s overall security plan. Fire watch can be added as a short-term solution just during an event or when systems are being repaired or as an everyday service.


Alarm Response Services

It’s a smart move to have an alarm installed at your home or business, but what happens when that alarm goes off? In most cases, the alarm company only monitors the site remotely; they do not actually respond if the alarm is set off. Instead, they call the owner of the property and local law enforcement and let them investigate the cause.

In a best-case scenario, law enforcement officials will arrive in a timely manner, but more often than not, overwhelmed police departments will relegate the call to the bottom of the list as they deal with live calls and reported crimes. By the time they do arrive on the scene, the property may be damaged or theft may have occurred.

Reduce Risk of Loss

Resistance Security Service’s alarm response service reduces these risks and eliminates the need to rely on local law enforcement as first responders. When the alarm goes off, we get the first call and immediately dispatch a team to the site for a visual inspection. At that point, we can determine if the situation warrants a call to the police or if the alarm was set off by mistake and a simple reset is needed.

Our approach is simple. Tell us what you need and we'll provide it.

We offer complete security risk assessment and planning for those who need it; we can fill in any gaps in your existing security plan; or we can seamlessly take over if you’ve had a bad experience with other private security companies.