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About us

Who we are.



We have earned a reputation for professionalism, excellence, and above all personalized service. We are confident in our abilities to thoroughly analyze your security needs and to provide a unique, comprehensive, and responsive program for targeting all your security concerns.


This commitment has kept us the leader in the security industry providing superior security services to many clients. Resistance Security, we believe effective communication and visual deterrence are the keys to success in the security industry. Resistance Security requires a comprehensive relationship that we uphold with every client. Every challenge is met with a full FORCE from the entire resistance team.

10+ Years

We ensure that as we continue to grow, we have a quality control task force to ensure each client’s needs are met and exceeded. With over ten years of field experience, our uniformed security services are reinforced by a system of expert training. Whatever the challenge, we’re committed to finding new and innovative ways to serve our clients.


Industries we services

All of our services are available for short or long-term assignments and are available 24/7. Resistance Security is fully licensed and insured in accordance with California law.

Our security services are practical, manageable, and affordable, backed by 15 years of security field experience, professionally trained security guards, and complete dedication to customer satisfaction.

  • A free security analysis
  • A custom security plan designed to address specific security concerns
  • Professionally trained commercial security guards
  • Regular and consistent security reporting
  • The ability to change, add or delete services as needed


Commercial businesses in Orange County face security threats on multiple fronts. There is the possibility of after-hours theft or vandalism, daytime burglaries, and shoplifting, workplace violence, or irate customers. Some businesses deal with sensitive information or need to protect their visitors’ privacy, others are simply located in unsafe areas. Even one small incident can negatively affect a business for years to come.

Your home is your castle. At Resistance Security Service, we believe that you should always feel safe inside it. Our residential security services help provide you with that sense of safety with a visible security presence, by monitoring the area for threats, and by responding to breaches in security.
Industrial sites have special security needs. Workers and delivery trucks may come and go at all hours of the day and night while inventory and equipment sit right out in the open. Multiple points of access make it challenging to control entry to the facility. The size of the warehouse can make it difficult to monitor at all times. As a business owner, you need to protect your assets and your employees, but many realize they can’t do it alone.
Construction sites present unique challenges to security. They are often large, sprawling sites that may or may not be protected by fencing. They might have multiple areas of active construction and finished buildings that are uninhabited. Contractors and subcontractors come and go, changing every day, and thousands of dollars of equipment is left on-site during the day and sometimes overnight. It can be a challenge to know who is supposed to be on-site and who isn’t.

What you need to know area of service

All of our security solutions are 100% customized to the client’s needs. We even go the extra mile to match the right security guards to every assignment. Every partnership begins with a free security assessment where we learn more about your security concerns and evaluate your current security measures so we can recommend the best security protection for your unique situation. Your input is important to us and we always take it into account when designing security

Resistance Security Service is building a reputation as one of the best security guard companies in Los Angeles. We bring over 15 years of field experience to every job and pride ourselves on our professional and customizable approach to security services. We are fully licensed and insured and are highly selective in our hiring process. All of our security guards undergo a rigorous background check, drug testing, and ongoing training to ensure we are providing our clients with the best security services in Los Angeles.
Orange County is a diverse county with diverse security needs. That’s why Resistance Security Services offers customizable security solutions for homes and businesses, people, and places. Choose only the services you need for the time you need them. We can provide 24/7 security, night-only security, or daytime security. Design your own security solution from our list of security services.
We are proud to be a Riverside County security company, serving our friends and neighbors. We offer completely customized security solutions for homes and businesses, people, and places and bring over 15 years of field experience to every job. Resistance Security Service is fully licensed and insured and maintains a highly selective hiring process. All of our security guards undergo a rigorous background check, drug testing, and ongoing training to ensure we deliver the security service you need and expect.
In such a diverse and populated area as San Bernardino, there are no one-size-fits-all security solutions. That’s why we offer completely customizable security options that protect homes and businesses as well as people and property.


Victor C.

Their services are effective and on point. They have straightened out our properties drastically. Their cost is affordable and they meet all of our needs.

Pat E.

Resistance Security Service is the most dedicated, consistent, and alert security vendor I worked with. Other vendors have come and gone, but Resistance has become part of our family business.

Tim A.

To anyone taking into consideration using security services for their property, I highly recommend using Resistance Security Services. We are very satisfied with RSS as they are well managed.

Our approach is simple. Tell us what you need and we'll provide it.

We offer complete security risk assessment and planning for those who need it; we can fill in any gaps in your existing security plan; or we can seamlessly take over if you’ve had a bad experience with other private security companies.