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Commercial businesses in Orange County face security threats on multiple fronts. There is the possibility of after-hours theft or vandalism, daytime burglaries, and shoplifting, workplace violence, or irate customers. Some businesses deal with sensitive information or need to protect their visitors’ privacy, others are simply located in unsafe areas. Even one small incident can negatively affect a business for years to come.

Resistance Security Service provides commercial security services in Orange County that address all of these challenges and more. We protect people, property, and places.

One of the reasons we have so many happy commercial clients is due to our custom security solutions. Our custom approach allows clients to choose the security services they need for the times that they need them. We start every business partnership off with a free security assessment. Based on that information and the client interview, we can recommend a security solution that meets business needs and remains affordable.

Just the presence of professional security guards makes commercial locations safer by providing a visual deterrent. The security guards at Resistance Security Services are completely professional, even in the most challenging of circumstances. We are very proud of our guards and put them through a rigorous selection process before bringing them on board to join our team. Afterward, we encourage professional development and make sure all of our guards are educated in the latest security threats and challenges as well as techniques and mitigation tactics.

Your home is your castle. At Resistance Security Service, we believe that you should always feel safe inside it. Our residential security services help provide you with that sense of safety with a visible security presence, by monitoring the area for threats, and by responding to breaches in security.

Professional security guards keep neighborhoods safer by providing a visual deterrent. Thieves, vandals, and burglars will think twice about causing trouble in an area that has a security guard visible. Our residential security guards undergo thorough background checks and are trained to respond to any security threats. They act as the eyes and ears of your neighborhood becoming a valued part of the community.

Our security guards are specially matched to the assignment to ensure we deliver the best security service for your specific needs. Our guards are personable and professional, attentive and responsive, and genuinely enjoy working with the public.

Industrial sites have special security needs. Workers and delivery trucks may come and go at all hours of the day and night while inventory and equipment sit right out in the open. Multiple points of access make it challenging to control entry to the facility. The size of the warehouse can make it difficult to monitor at all times. As a business owner, you need to protect your assets and your employees, but many realize they can’t do it alone.

That’s where Resistance Security Service comes in. We offer comprehensive industrial warehouse security right here in LA. Our services range from simple monitoring to active patrols and inspections and security response.

If you’re not in the security business it can be tough to design an effective security plan for sites that are as large and complex as industrial warehouses. Resistance Security Service is the partner you need to protect your site and your staff. Our professional, private security services feature highly trained guards, the latest in security technology and equipment, and complete dedication to customer satisfaction.

Construction sites present unique challenges to security. They are often large, sprawling sites that may or may not be protected by fencing. They might have multiple areas of active construction and finished buildings that are uninhabited. Contractors and subcontractors come and go, changing every day, and thousands of dollars of equipment is left on-site during the day and sometimes overnight. It can be a challenge to know who is supposed to be on-site and who isn’t.

Professional construction site security from Resistance Security Service is the best way to keep construction sites safe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer a comprehensive selection of construction security services in the Los Angeles area to meet any need and minimize any risk.

Just the presence of security can be enough to discourage theft and vandalism, keeping construction sites safe and investments protected. At Resistance Security Service, we work closely with construction site managers to identify areas of security risk and develop custom solutions that reduce those risks.

Alarm Response and Monitoring

Resistance Security Service’s alarm response service is the ideal solution for home and business owners who want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a professional security team will check in on their property if an alarm goes off after hours.

Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

Professionally trained security guards are one of the best investments you can make to protect your home, business, or event. Resistance Security Service offers armed and unarmed security guard services to discourage theft and vandalism, protect customers and employees, and generally support a safe environment.

Fire Watch Services

Fires can cause devastating damage in a very short amount of time. Even smoke damage can be enough to condemn a building and the risk of human harm from fire and smoke is a terrifying thought. That’s why we offer fire watch services. Fire watch services help property owners manage the risk of fires when sprinklers or fire alarm systems are out of order or unavailable.

Gatehouse and Access Control Services

If you work in a business complex or live in a gated community, you have probably noticed that the opportunity to have heightened security on your property already exists. The issue, though, is that without professionals to handle access control, even the gates of your community or the doors on your business property will do little to keep an unwanted guest from waltzing right in.

Mobile, Stationary, and Foot Patrols

Our mobile patrol service is a proactive security measure that provides peace of mind through increased security presence. Mobile patrol is an excellent solution for construction and building sites, gated communities, apartment complexes, busy business districts, shopping centers, events, and anywhere you want to deter mischief or prevent criminal activity.


We cover a full range of services.


Auto Dealers

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Financial & Banking Institutions

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Homeowner Associations


Hotels & Hospitality

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Private Homes

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Custom Plan

A custom security plan designed to address specific security concerns

Professionally Trained

All of our security guards are professionally trained and licensed to provide you with the protection you need to live and work in safety.


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